Reynolds Media Internet works over a wireless signal, much like the Wi-Fi in your home.  At your location a small radio much like a satellite dish is pointed to our towers located on either Boat Mountain, Compton Mountain, or on Pilots Knob in Harrison.  If you are in the Mountain Home area our towers are located on Crystal Mountain behind the hospital and on the city water tower across from Tucker Cemetery Road in Gassville.  The radio at your location connects to one of our towers and delivers wireless internet to you.  Because this is a wireless solution, your radio will need to be able to see or have a clear “line of sight” to one of our tower sites.  If you aren’t sure, if you can see one of the towers, please feel free to Contact Us and we will do a free site analysis for you.

The below picture demonstrates, what a clear “line of sight” means.  On this picture, you will see a tower on the mountain / hill side just to the right of the two tall trees.  Since there are no obstructions in the way, we can provide this location with our internet services.

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